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Main Rules For Creating A Research Paper Introduction In The APA Format

Many academic documents require a specific format. The main reason is so that all of the papers look the same and the other is so that students start to master the format so that they will use it if they decide to publish something in the future. It is a formal format that requires specific guidelines to be upheld. The APA formatting style was designed by the American Psychological Association. It is mainly used for papers written in the social sciences.

The introduction for your paper should be formatted in accordance with these guidelines as well however, the concentration is mostly on how you format the paper as a whole and how you cite your sources. Your introduction will be the same in this format as it is in others. Here are some of the features of a paper formatted in the APA format:

Your introduction should be where you introduce your topic to your audience. You will give your reader some background information on your topic. You will want to make sure that you give enough information on the subject so that someone who has no prior knowledge on the subject can understand your paper.

Start your paper off with a catchy phrase of fact about the topic. That way you can catch the attention of your audience. You want them to want to keep reading. If you start off with an interesting fact, you will be able to get your reader excited to learn more about your topic.

Don’t just start writing without having a plan in place first. If you plan your paper out, you can cut down your writing time and your researching time. You will know what you should read about because you will know your focus and you will be able to focus on smaller portions. You won’t be throwing stuff in here that you will need to put in other spots. It is just the best way to go. You wouldn’t build your house without a plan so don’t build your paper without one.