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Composing A Captivating Biology Research Paper Introduction

Writing a biology research paper is a daunting task for many students. Some of them literally don’t know where to start. A typical paper in any subject should begin with an introduction chapter or at least an introduction paragraph. Some say that composing a captivating introduction is already 50% of success. However, it can be quite a challenge itself: how can one write a captivating text about biology?

Choose an Interesting Topic

First, try to pick up a topic that is really exciting. Remember that the more interesting your topic is, the more captivating the introduction to your paper will be. The more you are interested in studying this very subject or this very area, the more likely you will be able to ignite somebody else’s interest.

Think about the Questions You Are Going to Answer

Any research paper is usually supposed to answer certain questions. They are to be listed at the beginning and answered in the main body and /or in the conclusions. That’s why it’s reasonable to think about them and about the overall structure of your paper before starting to work on the introduction. You can also try to find some interesting quotations or jokes about the subject of your study before you start.

Some students prefer composing the introduction after they’ve finished the whole paper. This is also an option since once you’re done with your study, you know what it’s about, what conclusions you made and what sources you used.

Get Started

After you’ve collected some information about the area of your research, it’s time to get started. Although your success depends mostly on your creativity, there are some tips on how to make your introduction catch readers’ attention: