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Free Essay Papers Are Easy to Find

Many students take to the internet in search of writing help. Whether you are seeking a sample essay, a custom term paper, or a free writing guide, the internet is a wealth of resources. Of course, many of the writing help available on the internet simply is not reliable or worthy of your trust. This is especially true of free essay samples. Unfortunately, free essay samples are often the top search result when seeking writing assistance. But just because a paper is easy to download doesn’t mean it comes without any negative consequences or costs.

Free Essay Papers Are Generally Low Quality

It is difficult to make a competitive living as a freelance writer, particularly among academic writers. If a paper is of any quality whatsoever, you can bet that the writer who created it will attempt to turn a profit. It stands to reason, then, that the vast majority of papers that are available for free online are virtually unsellable, or of such low writing quality that they can’t fetch a good price.

Do not turn in a free essay sample without closely reading the document. Do the sentences exhibit proper syntax and a wide vocabulary? Is the tone of the paper appropriate? Is the content sufficient and the formatting and spelling decent? Does the paper appear to have been written by a fluent English speaker? If any of these qualities are missing, the paper is probably not well written and not useful.

Free Essays Have Often Been Stolen

If an essay is distributed online for no price, there is a higher than average likelihood that the paper has been stolen or copied from its original source. Most undergraduate students and professional writers do not upload their hard work on the web so that others can access it and copy from it. This is academically dishonest and can lead to unfounded plagiarism charges, so there is really no incentive for the practice. You ought to be suspicious of nearly every free paper you find.

Free Papers May Have Corrupted Files

No matter what, you should never download a document file from a free paper website, especially if you do not know the source of the document. Sometimes, websites that advertise themselves as “free essay sources” are really just a cover for malware distribution companies. Corrupted and virus-infected files are very common on free paper websites. Do not take the risk of downloading a seemingly free paper.