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The 20 Best English Term Paper Topics To Get You Started

It does not matter what type of English class you are taking, your instructor will assign a term paper. Choosing a topic is the first step in creating a successful term paper. Here are 20 of the best term paper topic ideas for your English project:

  1. 1. Characters. Some of the most interesting research papers are about the characters and their interesting ways. You cannot go wrong researching characters and writing about your discoveries.
  2. 2. Authors’ works. Authors with many different works can be interesting to research, especially if the authors’ works change dramatically throughout their careers.
  3. 3. Historical references in literature. Since so many authors focus on historical events or they create events based on the historical events.
  4. 4. Recurring imagery in literature. Look at literature written during the same period to find similar imagery.
  5. 5. Symbolism in a work of literature. Whether you look at poetry, short stories, or novels, symbolism is a unique topic to delve into in a research paper.
  6. 6. Deconstructing a poem. Break it down and see what you can find.
  7. 7. Looking at the political perspective of a text. Each literary period has pieces that make direct or indirect commentary on political activity. You will learn a lot about history and politics by researching this topic.
  8. 8. Social commentary on a text. You can learn about the different social groups and how they were viewed during different literary periods.
  9. 9. Conflicts. Whether you look at man vs. man, man vs. machine, man vs. himself, or one of the other conflicts, this topic is an enjoyable one.
  10. 10. Feminism in a text. This is a timely topic and can be applied to many texts.
  11. 11. Roles of minority characters. You can look at women, children, or different racial groups and their roles in the text.
  12. 12. Stereotypes in literature. How are religious groups, racial groups, genders, and more treated in a piece of literature?
  13. 13. Metaphors. What is the role of metaphors in a piece of literature?
  14. 14. Ages of literature. Students can look at the various ages of literature on their own or through time.
  15. 15. Plot structure. Analyzing plot structure is not just limited to the works of Shakespeare. Students can research plot structure in different texts to see where the major events of the story occur.
  16. 16. Studying an author’s biography and its role in the works. How does an author’s life affect her works?
  17. 17. Literary genres. These are always fascinating to study, especially if you love a particular time period.
  18. 18. Literature and its effect on societies. How do pieces of literature affect society?
  19. 19. Heroes and anti-heroes. These can be interesting to study in regards to mythology.
  20. 20. Styles of poetry. How do the styles of poetry affect the topics of the poems?