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Where to Find Inspiration for Your Research Paper Topic Ideas?

Are you feeling a little down because you can’t think of the perfect research paper topic idea? It happens to the best writers and creative minds in the world at some of the most inopportune times. There are great ways to find inspiration and many of the ways referenced below will surprise you in their simplicity. Here is where to find inspiration for your research paper topic ideas:


Take a break from straining your brain and scroll through your movie channels. If the titles or summaries of the movies do little to help you get past your writer’s block, try watching a movie that intrigues you.


Reading a book or flipping through a picture book can inspire you in ways that you may never know if you don’t try. Both are known to stimulate the brain and could get your attention enough to potentially do an entire research paper on hippos if you’re interested enough.

Go For A Walk

Take a walk in the neighbor and clear your mind. Maybe you’ll find stimulating conversation with a complete stranger or find your inspiration in the flowers two blocks from your house. The hustle and bustle of others mixed with a beautiful fall day, are sure to relax your brain enough to find a few topics that may be of interest before you make your way back home.

Research Your Interests

Some of the best forms of writing often stem from human emotions. Passion creates motivated writers so research some topics that interest you and you’re likely to find the best topic idea for you.

Research Common Trends

If you’re supposed to write a research paper about technology, research some of the hottest trends of the year or even the projected trends for next year. Chances are you’ve already either heard or experienced this year’s technological trends so you’ll already have a knowledgeable on the topic or you’re excited for upcoming future trends that will motivate you to write your paper.

Ice Breaker Activities

Finally, another easy solution to finding the perfect topic for your research paper is to put yourself through an ice breaker activity. Designed to get your brain creatively flowing, within minutes you’ll have a wealth of viable research paper topics to choose from. Sometimes including family or friends can also help you come up with ideas when you can’t think of anything on your own.