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Topics for history research paper: the most cruel events to write about 

If you are looking to write about the cruelest events in history for your next research paper you can pick from:

  1. The atom bomb testing
  2. Stalin’s rule
  3. The Ku Klux Klan
  4. WWII and the genocide of Jews
  5. Internment camps in America during WWII
  6. Trail of Tears
  7. Guantanamo Bay
  8. Saddam’s invasion of Kuwait
  9. Kosovo and the mass genocide
  10. Slaughter of nations when imperial forces arrived in (pick a country)

Now the “cruelest” can of course be defined in many ways. The events that killed the biggest number of people may be considered the cruelest. Or the events that resulted in the biggest financial losses may be considered the cruelest. Some might consider events with the biggest destruction of physical property or the most number of children killed or innocent bystanders killed the cruelest while others may consider things that reap the most long term damage to be the cruelest.

Once you have selected your topic you need to work on research. For history topics you will need to ensure you differentiate between primary and secondary sources. Make sure to properly cite the sources that you use and to use a good balance of primary and secondary sources for your project. As you research make sure to take notes on relevant sources and the corresponding bibliographic information. This will make it much easier when you need to complete your bibliography.

When you organize your arguments and your supporting evidence you can do it in a handful of ways. Find an organization method that works best for you and use that. Each argument or piece of evidence you supply should be limited to one paragraph. So if you have three key arguments to support your thesis you should have each argument in an individual paragraph. Within that paragraph you should include the supporting evidence. This evidence should come from highly academic sources such as books or peer reviewed journals. The evidence that you include should be the same number per argument. So if you have three arguments the amount of evidence or facts that you present should remain the same for each. All three might have three pieces of evidence or two pieces of evidence. It does not matter how many pieces of evidence so long as they remain the same for all of your arguments.