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Original Argumentative Research Paper Topics

One of the most challenging aspects of writing an argumentative research paper is deciding on the topic. For many students, once they decide on a topic, writing comes easily. The challenging part about deciding on an argumentative topic is that there are so many that have been written about over and over again.

Take a Overused Topic and Make It Unexpected

If you want to write an original argumentative research paper, it is important to look for topics that people would not normally consider. Topics like gun control, gay marriage, and legalizing marijuana have been written about so many times that instructors are tired of reading them. However, if you do decide to write about a cliche topic, you need to approach it from an entirely unique angle, even if you do not agree with the stance you take. For example, the most cliche of all argumentative topics is abortion, but if you were to take a completely unexpected idea of arguing that abortion should be legalized for population control, you would have unique topic.

Go to the Extreme Opposite

Another way to write a unique topic is to think about things that most people agree with and to take a completely unexpected stance. For example, many people agree that the federal government could be doing a better job listening to their constituents instead of big business. You could research the work that the government is doing and argue that it is a good idea for the federal government to continue ignoring the average person while paying close attention to big businesses. If you are going to go that route, you could also argue that professional athetes should continue to be paid exorbitant amounts of money, too.

Choose a Local Topic

Along with taking unusual stances on common topics, you can also look for unusual, localized topics to explore. Many communities have issues relating to water usage which can be considered controversial. If your community has such an issue, you could argue your stance on the water issues.

Argue for a Minority

You could also argue about an issue that is important to a small minority of people. For example, people who have serious food allergies have several restaurants that they cannot go to because of the food they serve and the atmosphere of the restaurant. It would be interesting to write about whether or not all restaurants should be safe for all people. You could argue that no restaurants should offer free peanuts because of safety issues for people with deadly peanut allergies.