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Essay Topics for High School Students

Most high school students will write essays and this is a good assignment because it teaches you critical thinking skills and writing skills that you will need as you enter college and your future career. One of the hardest parts of writing an essay is choosing a good topic but it doesn't have to be because there are several ways of finding a good essay topic. Your teacher can offer suggestions and there are instructional books on choosing the best essay topic. Here are some samples of good and relevant essay topics.

History of Gender Relations in America

If you are an advocate of equal rights for women, you can write an expository essay that deals with the history of gender relations from colonial America until the mid 20th century in the 1970s. Discuss women's primary roles in early American society and the battles they faced in getting the right to attend and graduate from college, vote and seek employment with equal wages as their male counterparts. Discuss the gender relations of African-American, Hispanic American and other minority women and what their struggles were throughout America's history. Finally, you can discuss the positive and negative effects of feminism on American culture.

Meeting Yourself Five Years from Now

Another idea is to write an essay in which you are having dinner with the person you want to be five years from now and in order to do this essay you'll need to write a list of goals you want to complete by that time. For example, if your goal is to work right after high school instead of attending college, think about the career you plan to enter. If you want to marry and start a family one day, portray the dinner guest as yourself with a spouse and children.

Why Teens Should Broaden Their Music Tastes

Many teens enjoy pop, rock and hip-hop music but they mainly limit themselves to these genres without exploring other styles of music. If you are well-rounded in your musical tastes as a teen, write an essay about why teens should explore diverse and older forms of music such as blues, opera, world music, country, jazz and classical. In the essay you should discuss the contributions of these music genres to American culture and what you can learn from the songs within those genres.

Is College Necessary for Success?

Most parents and motivational speakers tell high school students that the best road to success is through a college degree but if you do not agree with this assumption, you can write an essay that refutes the claim that you need to attend college in order to be successful in life. Discuss credible data from scholars, government agencies and people who succeeded without a degree.