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Writing a science fair research paper: tips & examples

Science fairs can be a fascinating and exciting way to learn about a particular subject and to delve into the very essence and mechanics of how things work. However, before you can start the fun stuff, some teachers may want a research paper prior (or even after) the project to see how it is handled and what can be (or has been) learned from the project. Don't stress! This isn't as tricky as it may seem. Follow these tips and examples to help set yourself on the right path.

Pre-Project Research

To write a research paper for a science fair there are a few things to keep in mind before you start.

The Outline

Before you begin writing your science fair research paper, it's important to do an outline to keep your information organized and coherent. This is also the place to remember the three-point formulae; determine what you are going to say, say it, then wrap it up with a definite conclusion.

Write It

Start by writing a first draft of your science fair research paper. This is the place to get better organized with your information and to make sure everything is included under the proper headings. Also be sure to format and structure your bibliography and add it at the end of your paper.

Once you have the main structure of your paper finished, this is the time to review, revise and edit any parts you feel need to be reworked. You may also want to enlisted the help of someone else to read over your paper to catch any errors that may have slipped past you. Once you are happy with your research paper you can create your final copy.

Hint: if you need help with formatting your science fair research paper, check the internet for examples.

Follow these tips to get ready for your own science fair research project. By taking the necessary steps you will be sure to write a winning paper.