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Writing A Research Paper: Works Cited Page

Just when you thought that writing a research paper could be any less fun...

Writing your research paper is one thing, but writing the works citied page, can you say yawn? The works citied is usually the least interesting; most complex, hardest to format, all around just horrible part of a research paper assignment. This is especially true for inexperienced students, who have yet to master the formatting and structure of an MLA works citied page AND have not learnt how to properly cite their sources as they go. Yikes, that is the most amateur research paper writing mistake that a person can make, because after the entire paper is complete they have to peddle backwards and attempt to re-find where they got all of their examples. This is something that we see first year students doing a lot, and honestly, until you learn how to work "smarter not harder" your works citied page is going to be an absolute nightmare.

The good news is that it doesn't have to be this way! You CAN write an easy works citied page that is not torturous to organize or piece together last minute. We have included a list of helpful tips for new post-secondary students that will help them get their works citied done right!

3 Tips For Writing A Perfect Works Citied Page Every Time

  1. Put it together as you do the research
  2. We mentioned this top rule above; always work on your "Works Citied" as you go. This way you will have a direct reference to where you found your material and know how to go back and find it again if you have to verify anything.

  3. Use a handful of good resources, not 100 luke-warm leads.
  4. If you can find a single document, case study, article, or research paper written by an expert that serves your purpose cling to it for dear life. The fewer sources that you need to use the better.

    You can even go as far as finding a well-written document that cites it's own sources and use those sources as well as the paper itself. This saves time and makes everything a little bit more organized and cohesive.

  5. Work from a template
  6. There are templates available for work citied pages so that all you have to do is a little bit of filling in the blanks. Once again, save your energy by using the tools that you have at hand to assist you.