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Death Penalty Research Paper Outline

The death penalty is a subject that can make many people uncomfortable, and others raging mad. If you are assigned to write a paper about the death penalty, check out this outline to help you present the topic with professionalism. While this outline is not absolute, it will definitely help you cover the basics and delve into the dilemma of the death penalty without having to get too passionate about the topic.

Introduce the dilemma

The first thing you need to do is introduce the dilemma of the death penalty. Talk about why it's a controversial topic and present your thesis statement of what you want to discuss. This can be what you want to mention about the death penalty, or you can discuss the whole idea of it as a whole. No matter what point you choose (the cost to tax payers, the moral dilemma, etc) to write about, though, you need to give facts to both sides of the topic.

Show the Pros

First discuss the positive side to your debate. Talk about why the death penalty is helpful, or talk about how it saves money to tax payers. Write at least one four to six sentence paragraph that has at least one source to cite your facts.

Show the Cons

Next discuss the bad side of your topic and also give as many facts as you do for the positives. If you use more than one point for the pros, use the same amount for the cons. The two sides need to be fairly represented.

Write a good conclusion

The best way to support your side of things without outright saying what you believe you can conclude on your note. People will always remember your thesis and your conclusion, so end with your stance, but do not introduce any new information in the conclusion. This should solidify all the points you have made and leave the reader with a good understanding of what your paper was about.

When writing about any controversial topic you should try to stick to the facts and keep things fair on both sides. This type of outline will work with any topic that may be a bit touchy to present, but it is especially good for writing about the death penalty. Writing about such topics can be difficult to do, but if you follow a basic outline you can write a decent paper about the death penalty without having to get too opinionated.