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Coming up with a topic for my argument research paper

Argument based research paper writing requires you to have a topic that is a thesis statement. Not every topic will do. Your topic needs to be a statement of your position on an issue. This means that the first requirement for the topic is that it should be arguable. Issues abound, so it is not really a problem spotting some that are of your interest or relevant to your field.

You can do a Google search if in need of some inspiration, read magazines, watch TV, and read the newspaper. Google search will yield many nicely formulated argument thesis statements and you can just choose the one you really like. Some college websites have lists of hot topics available; go through those to see if something hits you as workable.

Some great ideas for argument research papers available online are:

  1. The birth control pill is more dangerous to health than the pharmaceutical industry has led us to believe. The birth control pill should be restricted for general consumption.
  2. Poverty is manmade. The system should be changed completely in order to eradicate poverty.
  3. Death row inmates should be used for medical testing rather than animals.
  4. Euthanasia (or physician-assisted suicide) should be legal when the patient is terminally ill and has given written consent/demand.
  5. Parents should consider plastic surgery to alter characteristic features of children with birth defects, so that they blend with others normally.
  6. The process of aging can cause distress. Insurance should cover elective plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures as necessary medical procedures.
  7. Children should not be exposed to computer technology before the 6th grade, as the machine doing everything overrides learning of basic skills.
  8. Fathers should be treated the same as mothers in family court decisions.
  9. Mothers should be treated differently than fathers in family court cases, as mothers are primary parents.
  10. We should legalize the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. Alternatively, we should legalize marijuana for both recreational and medicinal purposes. Alternatively, marijuana should not be legalized.
  11. Playing violent games on electronic gadgets can encourage violent behavior in children. Violent computer games should be removed from the market/manufacturers of such games should be penalized with a fine and some prison time/Computer games should be checked and approved by a committee before they are allowed in the market.