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5 Tips On How To Create A Term Paper Proposal In The APA Format

The APA format is the most common writing format used by college students. From the first time that you will use it, you will understand it and know how to create such a piece in the future without too much effort. Unless your professor gives you clear requirements about the structure that you should use, this is the primary structure that will come in your mind. Assuming you have never wrote such a piece before, or you want to improve your writing skills, here are 5 tips that will make everything clear:

  1. Every additional piece that you write for your project must have the same format. For example, the proposal, abstract or references page will contain the same writing style and the same font. The proposal is the first thing that will be read by your professor, so you want to pay special attention to this.

  2. After you finished your paper and you already know the main points, you can write the proposal. This is meant to inform the reader, usually your teacher, about the subject of your paper. Be sure to mention the title of the essay even if you are planning to change it later.

  3. Write a brief description of your text. And by brief, I mean that it should not be longer than two or three paragraphs. This piece needs to contain the general ideas that are mentioned in your principal text, and any reference that is truly important for the content. Since you have limited space, you should summarize everything.

  4. Do not mention unnecessary details. If you are really passionate about the topic, it can be difficult to select only a few words to write. Even so, too many details will make the proposal look like a separate paper, and this is not what you want. If a term needs explanation, keep it for your term paper, not for the proposal.

  5. Write the reason why you wrote this piece. You can say that the information that you present will help the reader understand better a certain topic. If it’s not a research paper, but a simple composition, you will say that this is your personal perspective regarding this specific matter. The reader needs to know why you wrote this, and what benefits will bring for him. Write this in one single sentence, without developing the idea too much.