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Picking A Good Research Topic: A Few Handy Tips

At first you thought you were lucky because your instructor said that you could write your research paper on anything that you want. However, after some consideration you have realized that selecting the perfect research paper topic is a task much easier said than done. Today in this helpful article we are going to discuss some handy tips for choosing your own good research paper topics. We will also go over some strategies that students can use to determine whether or not a topic will be well received by their instructor.

  1. Ask yourself, is this interesting?
  2. If it is interesting to you, it may or may not be interesting to other people. However, if you want to ace your research paper-writing project you want to select a topic that is universally interesting and has plenty of general appeal. Begin by considering your own interests and then expand on the idea by considering what other readers may want to hear about. Try to avoid getting stuck in your own head and only writing on a topic that you are concerned with. Try to find a greater purpose.

  3. Ask yourself, is this relevant
  4. Another thing that can help students decide whether or not a potential research topic is useable is determining if the topic is relevant to modern times. The easiest way to do this is to come up with a topic concept and then tries to elude it to a modern day current event. Making a connection between something that is happening right now and attaching your thesis to it is a great way to get a top grade on your research paper. Your teacher will admire how you are making allusions and connecting ideas to reveal important truths about current issues through your writing.

  5. Consider the Important Questions
  6. Lastly, all great research papers should answer an important question that has not been asked. It should address something that may be on people’s minds or that is interesting about a particular idea or concept. In order to discover a wonderful research topic, try to think of an important question on a topic that other people may be wondering the answer too. Then, see if you can answer this question using research methods.

Obviously, when it comes to writing a research paper selecting a topic is half the challenge. It can be much easier to do if you try to make your topic interesting, while also making it relevant. It also doesn’t hurt if your research topic answers a question that has been asked yet. These three things are really the best way to approach the topic selection process and succeed at choosing a paper topic that will earn you an A+!