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Looking for uncommon sociological topics for research paper

If you are writing a sociology paper, you might want to find uncommon topics and example papers that you can use to prepare yourself for your paper.

You can find topics and examples by looking over:

If you are struggling to find an appropriate social issue to cover in your next paper, you should consider reviewing the topics below. Remember though that these topics are meant to be a rough guide from which you really delve into a topic and find a thesis that you want to write about:

After you have picked a topic, it is important that you follow the guidelines below with regard to your writing…

You need to ensure your writing is tight and concise. It is also recommended that you avoid including too much first person and personal language. Students often stumble here because they are presenting their opinion, and often will include words like “In my belief” or “I believe” or “I think”. But since you are the one writing the paper, we know that new analyses presented are indicative of your thoughts. It is redundant to start your sentences with “I think” or “In my opinion”. Unless you note that a concept or idea is the thought of someone else or the opinion of someone else, then the reader will always assume it is yours. Unless you are writing a paper on behalf of a group project, do not refer to yourself as “we” either. Avoid referring to yourself as “The author” because that is quite confusing and will come off as pompous. If you don’t want to come off as sexist, then you should avoid using “he” or “she” and instead put subject plurals.