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What are possible sources of argumentative research papers topics?

Argumentative Essays give writers an amazing opportunity to present two opposing points skillfully and fairly. It shows a dedication to the truth rather than a pet opinion and is a useful ability not just in writing but in debate and general conversation. There are limitless sources of topics for you to choose from but here are just a few to get you started if you’re not sure where to begin.

Capitalism vs Communism: Which model is better for the 21st Century?

Economic Systems inspire intense loyalty and opposition on both sides. They have both fallen short of what their founders intended and both excel in areas where the other falls short. The research opportunities are almost endless because the subject matter has been extensively covered. A brief mention of prior methods of dividing resources can also add depth to the analysis.

Should our policies be based on Environmental or Economic Concerns?

Economist will often argue that if Pro-Environment policies are enacted, the Economy will suffer terribly leading to more hardship. Alternatively, Environmentalists will state that an “Economy” is only a useful concept if the planet remains capable of sustaining life. If you feel passionate about this cause from one perspective or both this topic will flow easily for you.

Should the war on drugs continue?

Illegal drugs have destroyed many lives and continue to do so which makes fighting them essential. The war on drugs itself has created almost as many problems as drugs themselves. Look into the statistics and present clear points for both sides. If you feel strongly in favor of one point, explain why with solid evidence in your conclusion.

Should all schools have allergen-free zones?

The prevalence of sometimes life-threatening allergies in children has some parents clamoring for bans on offending food items. Other parents assert their children’s rights to eat as they choose. Pay close attention to what foods cause reactions and how common they are.

Feminism or Humanitarianism: Which struggle takes precedence?

There is a view that improvements in overall human welfare will naturally reach women. Others state that women’s issues must be dealt with separately or they will be underserved. Check for historical examples for both sides of this argument.

Having read these few topics you may have come up with a few of your own. Make sure that your topic can be researched thoroughly and preferably has relevance to you. This will make you more invested in your essay’s outcome and perhaps your readers will be too.