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What is an Academic Thesis?

When the time comes to write your academic thesis and final dissertation paper you will be expected to summarize all of your years of study into one, notably length (100 or more paged) thesis paper. Essentially, this final report should explore an area of study in your unique field and shed some new insights on a particular subject of research.

An academic thesis can easily be defined as a statement about your findings throughout your scholarly career. Your dissertation paper, will need to include this the information, and defend with strong evidence from different research examples. The thesis statement that you make sure clarifies, what you are trying to express and your purpose for writing the dissertation. It also concludes with an explanation of why you have drawn these conclusions and how you came upon them.

Example of An Academic Thesis

Try to think of your academic thesis as any other thesis writing assignment. Clearly state your topic, subject matter, and observations while introducing the rest of your written composition. Don’t get too caught up in adding too much detail to the thesis, the broader you make your formal statement the easier it will be able to defend it in such a lengthy report.

For example:

After researching in trends in abnormal psychology, we can conclude indefinitely that schizophrenia and bipolar disorders may be caused by external factors and not just hereditary genes.

This is a very general academic thesis that can be defended with various examples of psychology research and experiments that determine whether or not schizophrenia and bipolar disorders are hereditary. The author can use different examples to demonstrate their findings that external factors also impact a person’s likeliness to suffer from these psychological disorders.

From this academic thesis we can understand what the rest of the paper will be about, and what kind of data will be used to explain this individuals findings.

Determining Your Final Academic Thesis

One way that we can determine what our final thesis should be when composing a dissertation is by selecting one significant area of study that we have taken a particular interest in throughout our career. Keep in mind that essentially your academic thesis paper may be published, what topic could you envision yourself writing about with this much depth?

The statement that you make in your thesis, should also illustrate your professional focus. For example, an individual writing on abnormal psychology academic thesis paper has probably chosen to specialize in this form of psychological behavior.