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Literature Term Papers

Literature Term Papers – Finding the balance between summarizing and analyzing In literature term papers, there should be a balance between summarizing and analyzing. Sometimes finding this balance is tricky. To understand how to balance the two, we must first look at summarizing and analyzing individually. We must define and understand the difference between the two.

Summarizing is rewriting something into your own words. For example, if you read an article and want to summarize it, talk about the main points the author made. Summarizing should not include your opinion. It should also be written formally. Summarizing is best used when paraphrasing long passages.

An analysis is a breakdown of a large topic into many much smaller topics. By doing this, you are analyzing and looking at the structure of the writing along with the details. An analysis can have the strengths and weaknesses of the piece built in as well.

When analyzing a literature topic, it is important to balance summarizing and analyzing. The literature term paper does have be summarized so the reader knows a little bit about the piece you are writing about. Summarize the reading in your own words. Make sure the author’s key points are combined into the summary.

Once the summary is done, the analyzing should begin. Analyze the difference pieces you have broken down and talk about each one. An analysis should be much longer than the summary. Analyze the different ways the author argued the points of the paper. Point out if they were valid or invalid. Answer why they were either valid or invalid. Also make note if the author’s points are logical.

Summarizing and analyzing are two very different uses when writing a literature term paper. Summarize the article so the reading has a background in what your analysis is going to be about. Remember when analyzing to break the article down into smaller topics. End the term paper with a great conclusion, what you learned or thought the point the author was trying to make.