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Writing a college research paper in 5 steps

Writing a college research paper may take time, but there are basic steps to take that make the process seem less daunting. Five major steps to writing a college research paper should provide guidance to make sure your paper is focused and clear.

Pick a topic and research it

Picking a topic is the first step to creating a college research paper. The author wants the topic to be specific enough to not be common knowledge, and yet vague enough to be able to be researched and supported without too much trouble. Start with a common, vague idea and gradually expand it and make it more specific.

After researching the topic you are interested it, you must create a working thesis statement. This thesis statement will create the focus for your paper and show what you are looking to prove.

Write an outline

An outline is much like the skeleton of a paper. It shows the most basic structure of your paper. The outline helps to compartmentalize and focus your paper into categories so you don't ramble or write off topic The outline also helps to organize and reorganize research so that all research appropriately supports all claims and points. This also helps the reader understand the conclusions you are trying to draw and how you arrive at them.

Write the body paragraphs

After you write the outline, fill the outline out and create full sentences and paragraphs to make the body of the paper. Take quotes from research you did and site and use them to support your arguments. Create your voice and how you want to sound in your essay. Keep the reader's attention while making and supporting your points.

Write the conclusion

The conclusion sums the whole report up. Use this to restate what claim was made and briefly what it means to the field. Restate some evidence that was brought up to support your claim and you have concluded your report. This is, however, not the end.

Edit, Edit, Edit

Writing a paper takes more than a single draft. It takes re reading, reading it aloud for mistakes, changing sentence structure to make the report sound the way you want and having others read it as well to see if there were any improvements needed. Editing also means sometimes changing what research material you use and how you use it. Leave yourself time for editing and making sure the paper is as clear, polished and professional as possible.