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10 Things To Know About Writing Cancer Research Paper

The field of cancer research is always being updated with new research projects. It’s quite an exciting topic to write about because there is so much material to choose from. Maybe that makes the decision harder for some people but it actually offers you more opportunities for interesting research topics.

The 10 top things you need to know about writing your cancer research paper are:

  1. The research will be difficult at the beginning. It takes a little bit of work and persistence to get your writing momentum built up.

  2. There will be many sources you’ll find and you can’t use them all. You’ll have to analyze each and evaluate how relevant they are. If you decide to use one and change your mind later, don’t worry about it. That’s normal.

  3. Beware of unverifiable sources. The worldwide web is full of information; not all of it is trustworthy. Just because you found it online doesn’t mean it’s the truth. Anyone can write whatever they want and post it online.

  4. Don’t pay for your research. There are adequate scholarly sources without falling into the trap of paid sites. They often are just transmitting plagiarism.

  5. Always use complete and proper citations. They take the responsibility for the ideas away from you and give the credit to the proper source.

  6. Citation formats are wide and varied. Make sure you use the style most recommended by your school of academics.

  7. Be familiar with the anatomy of each source. If you are doing research with a group they all need to know what information to record; otherwise you may have a problem.

  8. Don’t obsess about the length of your research paper. It does have to meet minimum requirements but if you are super worried about it all the time you won’t be able to concentrate on getting the most important parts done. After you’ve made the outline and started writing, you can always add more if there’s not enough.

  9. It’s okay to use software to help you organize your research and your writing. In the old days students used a lot of manuals; things have changed. There are lots of good software programs out there that can make the writing job quick and easy.

  10. If you are in doubt about anything, ask. Some good sources to ask are your instructor, a reference librarian or a research paper expert.